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Singapore - Cities - Limited Edition

Head for Singapore and Rio to the light of Marina bay’s hanging gardens or Ipanema beach’s gra-phic patterns. Homage to these lush tropical cities, full of wild and sculpted vegetation.SINGAPORE Singapore has been a garden city under the impetus of the government since 2005. Marina Bay’s gardens open to the public in 2012 and reveal tropical vegetation in all its states. From foliage to palm trees, an extraordinary world can be visited in the form of luminous lace constructions covered in plants.

The Singapore scented candle is covered with a platinum silkscreen print and plant colors reminis-cent of the futuristic architecture of the Marina Bay gardens. In perspective, one notices the mythical hotel that overlooks the bay in the shape of a surfboard, one that houses the largest swimming pool in the world. Its fresh and mysterious perfume with a vegetal and marine blend will directly take you to the magic of this futuristic city.